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RAN Biotechnologies
48 Dunham Ridge Road, Suite 3900
Beverly, MA 01915 USA
phone: +1-833-726-2661

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In addition to our gold standard FluoroSurfactants, RAN Biotechnologies supplies materials and equipment of interest to microfluidic applications in general and to droplet microfluidics in particular:

- Consumables for droplet microfluidics: Surfactants; Microfluidic Chip Coatingand Emulsion Breaking oils; PDMS Chips.
- Hydrogel Beads: including dissolvable/photocleavable/superparamagnetic barcode beads with polyT/scATAC/CustomSeq.
- Chip-free monodispersed droplet generation kits
- theBOX: Portable/affordable/easy-to-use four self-contained flow monitoring pumps.